Vending Partner Medale pamiatkowe

Automat-Spec is a Polish vending company, established in 2000.

Our headquarters is located in Liszki community, in the south-western part of Cracow periphery.

We develop new solutions for customers. We are vending operator and the producer of vending machines. We created new brand

Vending-Partner , which is geared to looking up new ways of development and undertaking unusual vending projects.

We concentrate on creating new sales channels with using vending machines. Our project - special vending machine for selling commemorative coins and medals. New solution for business!

Solutions of Vending-Partner  are reliable and tested. We propose modern electronics in vending machines and the best components. Features of our projects are:

  • Individuality
  • Precision
  • Flexibility
Devices of Vending-Partner  are equipped in:
  • Modern electronics
  • First-class components
  • Wide module of statistics
  • System of controlling sales
Brand Vending-Partner was created for discover new areas of selling products from vending machines. Thanks Vending-Partner solutions, you can save time, minimize costs and reach new customers.
automaty medalowe wierza

Medalmat model 'S'

Medalmat type "S" is the smallest vending machine for selling commemorative coins and medals. In basic version, this vending machine can sell 1 type commemorative coin, but it is possible prepare this machine for selling two type commemorative coins.

Medalmat model 'M'

Medalmat type "M" is extended version of Medalmat type "S". This vending machine can sell 1 commemorative coin but we can configure machine for selling 4 different commemorative coins.

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