Medalmat type "M"

The vending machine for selling commemorative coinage type "M "is the bigger model.
The machine as a rule is equipped in one hopper which allows selling the one kind of coinage.
If  the coin diameter 28mm x 2,5mm, the capacity for one kind of coin amount 300 pieces.
This type of machine have max. 4 hoppers, so it can sell 4 kind of coinage.
The vending machine is equipped in LCD screen.
We can install cash flow, which accept coins and pay out rest.
The protocol of coin acceptor is MDB.
The push buttons are illuminated and they show when product is available.
The shell of machine is black but it is possibility to prepare of colorful brand. The brand is illuminated too.
Medalmat type "M" has main board which controlssale and gives selling statistics.

Guarantee - 12 months.

Technical parameters:
  • Capacity (for 1 hopper): 300 coins (Dimensions 28 x2,5 mm)
  • Max. capacity (for 4 hoppers): 1200 coinage
  • Thickness of coin: 1,5 - 3,2 mm
  • Diameter of coin: 18-31 mm
  • Dimensions: 170x60x65,6 cm
  • Weight: 70 kg
automat do sprzedarzy medali typM
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