Automat-Spec is a Polish vending company, established in 2000. Our headquarters is located in Liszki community, in the south-western part of Cracow periphery. From 2000, we create the individual solutions for our customers and we try to meet the demands.

Automat-Spec develops and delivers the innovative solutions for vending industry. One of the main aims, is developing products and services for our customers. We start from project, after production and distribution, we propose you only tested solutions. We offer solid service, technical and business support by experienced and highly qualified staff. You can trust us!

We develop new solutions for customers. We are vending operator and the producer of vending machines. We created new brand Vending-Partner , which is geared to looking up new ways of development and undertaking unusual vending projects.

We concentrate on creating the new sales channels with using vending machines. We are ready for realization courageous projects. Our offer is individual and elastic for customers. We match our projects to needs and requirements customers.

We have project for automatically selling commemorative coinage! New solutions for business!

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monety pamiatkowe z automatu
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